About Us

The idea for The Confetti Foundation was developed in 2010 when Stephanie Frazier Grimm’s best friend’s baby was born 8 weeks premature with many complications. Stephanie’s friend spent hours every day driving to the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with her toddler and husband to visit “Baby C” as he gradually grew stronger.

During those long drives, Stephanie and her friend would talk about their families, the weather, their jobs, the good times they had in college, and anything else that served as a distraction. One conversation led to Baby C’s hospital “buddy”, who was going home and finally getting to have a birthday celebration.

Stephanie wondered what happened when children are in the hospital on their birthdays. Do they have a party? She discovered the answer was almost always “no.” Parents with sick children are only thinking about their children getting healthy, and not leaving their sides to gather supplies and put together a birthday party. Typically, birthday celebrations take place when a child comes home.

Stephanie also remembered having to spend her own 13th birthday in the hospital and wanted to make a change.

In January 2014, The Confetti Foundation started supplying birthday party kits to children who spend their birthdays in the hospital. Through the party kits, children of all ages are celebrated and honored on their special day.

photo by Erin McGinn

photo by Erin McGinn

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